This television, the Toshiba 55UX600U has some of the best resolution available on the market today. It has a crystal coating which is said to prevent the rooms light from reflecting on the screen. Other things that a person considering to get this television should know about this are that it has an auto-view feature which sets the TV parameters for you. It has three different modes for you to choose from depending on what you are using it for at the time. These modes include a gaming mode, a cinema mode, and a native mode. It has 1080p HD resolution and is a fifty five inch LED backlit television for those of you who love your TV. g+
Many consumers have been talking about getting a Vizio M550NV with 1080p. This model is also less than 2 inches in width which makes it easy to wall mount. This product comes with the ability to access internet options as well, including doing internet surfing with a QWERTY keyboard. It has built in wifi networking as well. This television is also energy star compliant, which can potentially save you money and lower your carbon footprint. The display is mercury free and comes with a one year... g+
The LED TVs are LCD TVs in that they contain liquid crystal displays, the difference between the two is the way the display screen is lighted. Typical LCD models use fluorescent cathode tubes for lighting, whereas LED models use light emitting diodes. There are variances in the LED lighting design. Some are manufactured with RGB or white backlighting, and some are made with white LED lights around the periphery of the screen and contain a light diffusion panel that spreads the light across the back of the screen. g+
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